Teaching and Learning

Welcome!  Our team's goal is to provide instructional, curricular, and technological support for our students and staff.  We strive to ensure everyone is equipped with the tools and information to meet their wide array of needs, regardless of age or position.

We work to coordinate standards-based curriculum, a comprehensive assessment program and professional learning opportunities that culminate in Detroit Lakes Public Schools students and staff experiencing quality teaching and learning. 

Through creation of a standards-based curriculum that is aligned to the MN Department of Education Academic Standards, our staff collaboratively identify essential learning outcomes in each content area as the primary focus of instruction. In DLPS, a common standards-based curriculum guarantees that Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) of grade level teachers will have access to the resources necessary to plan, teach, and assess instruction and student learning effectively. 

Engagement is a continuous process in our ever-changing world; our team works diligently to stay in front of solid practice and fine-tuned techniques that keep our students and teachers challenged and curious.  Learning is a lifetime process for everyone in Detroit Lakes Public Schools

To view the MN Standards, what our curriculum is aligned with,  please visit the MDE Academic Standards website.

Essential Learning Outcomes

Staff may access our instructional documents through our faculty portal.

Contact Information

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology

Renee Kerzman
Renee Kerzman
Phone: 218-847-9271

Instructional Coaches

Picture of Pam Daly
Pam Daly
847-9228, ext. 3127
Picture of Jill Perkins
Jill Perkins
847-9268, ext. 7208
Picture of Rhonda Fode
Rhonda Fode
847-1106, ext. 4117