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Project LIFE is a comprehensive transition program that combines classroom and life skill education with authentic work experiences to prepare students with disabilities for a self-determined future. Paired with Project SEARCH® as a final year, employment outcomes are well above the national average for persons with disabilities. Project LIFE provides two levels of a transition-focused course of study. Classroom instruction for both levels develops skills for future employment, daily living, participation in the community, self-determination, social communication, personal financial literacy, and basic and safe use of technology.

LIFE Planning Meetings:

Two LIFE planning meetings (LPMs) per school year, in addition to the annual IEP meeting, will be held. LIFE Planning Meetings provide the opportunity for interns to practice leading their meetings while sharing short-term and future goals they are learning to set for themselves. These meetings are student-led.

Work-Based Learning Component:

Ideally, interns/students try a variety of tasks within a job site during three 10-12 week work experience rotations. This will facilitate a better transition to Project SEARCH or employment in their chosen community upon completion of Project LIFE.  Monday - Friday Schedule 8:00a - 2:30p with afternoon or morning internships - to replicate Project SEARCH or a part-time to full-time job in the community.

Project LIFE Team

Amber Colby
Amber Colby
Transition Teacher
Lisa Provo
Lisa Provo
Job Coach  
Nicole Tredwell
Teaching Assistant