Laker Transitions

Laker Transitions is a program designed to assist adult-aged students with disabilities learn employment and independent living skills along with facilitating post secondary education and training opportunities.

Why Us?

Students will learn about and be able to access community agencies that will support their transition goals. Our students learn skills encouraging them to be involved members in the community while accessing their greatest level of independence in employment, daily living and post-secondary education and training, community participation, and recreation/leisure.

Program Information


Agencies We Collaborate With


  • Becker County Human
  • Services
  • Blue Sky, Inc.
  • Rural Minnesota CEP
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Becker County
  • Developmental
  • Achievement Center (DAC)
  • ARC
  • Group Homes
Laker Transitions students made breakfast burritos while meal prepping for their week.
Laker Transition student gathered for a picture.
Students in Laker Transitions gear grouped for a picture
students and staff gathered for a picture in Laker Transition gear
Laker Transition staff and students gather to cut the ribbon for the ribbon open ceremony.
Laker transition logo on the front window.
Laker Transitions work room.
Laker Transitions sign out by the road.

Contact Information

1104 West River Road 
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501


Karen Nudell
Karen Nudell
Director of Special Education
Wendy Fritz
Wendy Fritz
Transition/PAES Facilitator


Amber Colby
Amber Colby
Transition Teacher