Shared-Time – Homeschool and Public School

Detroit Lakes School Board Policy 611 – Home Schooling, provides information for parents that may desire to home school their child. This policy can also be accessed via the school district website at .

If you have a child who is already enrolled in the Detroit Lakes School District and would like to enroll your child in a home school, either full time or part time, the following details may be relevant to your decision:

  • In order for any currently enrolled student to home school, regardless of the number of classes for which they will be home schooled, they must first withdraw from the local school district and register as a home school within their home school district.

  • Detroit Lakes Public Schools allows a home schooled child who is a resident of the school district to enroll in classes in the school district as a shared time pupil. However, the district may limit enrollment of shared-time students in such classes based on the capacity of the program, class, grade level, or school building.

  • Home schools issue their own diplomas and transcripts. The Minnesota Department of Education and local school districts do not “vouch” for or “certify” home school diplomas, curriculum or transcripts for employers, colleges or military recruiters. The Minnesota Department of Education and local school districts have no records of individuals who have graduated from home schools.

  • Home school students do not have a right to the local district’s diploma unless they are enrolled in the public school district (and not as a home school) at the time of graduation and have met all state and local district graduation requirements, including all required Minnesota state tests.

  • Parents who wish to provide educational opportunities for their students during the summer may do so, without having to register as a home school. However, these opportunities must be requested in writing and approved by the high school principal to ensure that the work completed by the student meets school district expectations. Coursework that has been completed in the summer, but was not approved by the school will not be accepted for credit.