Teacher License Renewal

Continuing Education Clock Hour Committee

The Continuing Education/Clock Hour Committee meets on a monthly basis during the school year on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Each school building has a volunteer representative assigned.  Contact your committee member for questions or to submit clock hours.

DLMS Teachers in Laker Gear


The MN Professional Educator Licensing Standards Board (PELSB) website has detailed MN licensing information.  Select link above for more information

CEU Opportunities

DLPS Online Video Library

Below is a list of PD videos available for CEU credits.

In order to access the video, you must fill out the PD Video Request Form. Once you do that, the video form and reflection form will be shared with you (not instantaneously).  The reflection will come to you in a separate email. Then you will have 2 weeks to finish the video and reflection.  

These videos are intended for DL teachers and substitutes active in Detroit Lakes and therefore will only be shared with those people. 

Additional CEU Opportunities


Contact Information

Kylie Johnson
Kylie Johnson
Director of Human Resources