Powwow 2024

Please be respectful of our drummers and dancers; do not touch the drums, feathers, or dance regalia without permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Dance regalia represents different styles of dances. Regalia is hand-made, and each dancer decides which colors and designs represent them best.

YES! You can take pictures! Listen for permission from the MC who will let everyone know when photos are NOT allowed. If you want a photo of a particular dancer, please ask them for permission first. It's nice to be nice!

YES! You can join in and dance! We have many songs especially for this - they are called "Intertribal Songs." Everyone is welcome to dance during Intertribals. Listen for the MC - he will let you know!

Please note: everything carried in our hands while we are dancing is offered freely to the Creator to take if they choose to. For this reason, please do not carry children into the circle.

YES! We have Princesses and Braves with title sashes! They are students who have competed among their peers for the honor of representing their communities or schools as they travel to powwows.

YES! We welcome your questions! We are her to celebrate and learn together.