American Indian Education

Boozhoo/Aneen Hello or Hi in Ojibwe. Biindigaw come on in.

Mission: Improve American Indian (AI) student achievement and graduation rates through academically rigorous, culturally responsive instruction, family and student engagement and collaborative partnerships with school and community.

Vision: All AI students are empowered as lifelong learners to become fully engaged leaders, stewards, and citizens.

Some of the support and services provided by the AI Education Department are:
Academic Support

  • Tutoring & Education Instruction Assistants
  • Ojibwe Culture Classes (Language/Culture/History/Traditions)
  • Paraprofessionals
  • College & Career Opportunities
  • Specialized Support


  • Quiz Bowl
  • Drum & Dance Team
  • Annual Powwow
  • American Indian Student Council
  • Young Artists/Young Writers Competition

Parent Committees: 
American Indian Parent Advisory Committee (AIPAC)
Johnson O’Malley (JOM) Committee

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 Miigwetch~ thank you!


Laker students on a Native American float for the Homecoming parade.

Contact Information


picture of Joe Carrier
Joe Carrier
American Indian Education
Program Coordinator


Renee Kerzman
Renee Kerzman
Director of Curriculum,
Instruction and Technology


Jack Warren
Jack Warren
American Indian Student Liaison


picture of Melanie Holmquist
Melanie Holmquist
American Indian
College & Career Facilitator/Ojibwe Culture Teacher