MN Seal of Biliteracy

Congratulations to the 1st EVER recipients of the MN Seal of Biliteracy for Detroit Lakes and the surrounding areas. The MN Bilingual Seals awards are MN state recognition of students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages. This is a great honor for our students and our district. These students have received high school elective credits for the language they tested in, and they will also receive college credits to an in-state college (other than Minnesota State University) according to their scores. It is time to grow this State and National award. 


Platinum - Anika Lotvola

Gold - Mariia Kazanovska

World Language - Marvin Caballero


For further information, please email Christina Bergeron at

Two students holding their Bilingual Seal Awards.


Two students holding their Bilingual Seal Awards.